Friday, 30 August 2013


For a second season, Selectism traveled to Denmark to experience the Copenhagen International Fashion Fair (CIFF), a trade show and exhibition that shines light on the Scandinavian capital city and its forward approach to high end fashion and sportswear. We look specifically at CIFF‘s Crystal Hall, showcasing a select grouping of brands that provide a glimpse into the emerging talents of today. Copenhagen could not be a better host city for this showcase. In our first of two looks from CIFF, we spend time with Art Comes First, a rotating collective of designers, founded by Shaka Maidoh, Sam Lambert, who share a similar love in “researching” and “grafting” garments new and old to develop new concepts and designs or as they put it, to “try to find new expressions” for the modern day.

At CIFF‘s Crystal Hall, Maidoh and Lambert were joined by Liam Maher, a self-proclaimed “designer revisionist” and design director at Denham, and Milanese hatter, Matteo Gioli for the CIFF Crystal Hall exhibition – a continuation of their displays from Pitti Uomo and Liberty Show in New York City. Following the long legacy of DJ’s “crate digging” for obscure and hard to find, records, the Art Comes First collective spent time “flipping through hangers” at vintage stores in London, Amsterdam, Brighton, New York and beyond, bringing their find to Copenhagen for modern re-working inside Crystal Hall. We share this view into their work and constructions.

By Jeff Carvalho FOR SELECTISM

Friday, 16 August 2013

The ACF Revolving Collective – THE HARD GRAFT by Copenhagers

The ACF Revolving Collective Presents: THE HARD GRAFT (The DJ Technique Applied To Menswear) Explained by Liam Maher of Denham -

Produced by Copenhagers, Film &  Edit: Mattia Abeni .

In occasion of latest CIFF Trade Show here in Copenhagen we got the honor and pleasure to pay a visit the the A.C.F. (Art Comes First) rotating Collective while they were presenting their latest project: THE HARD GRAFT. We talked to Liam and Jennifer Maher from Denahm about it and put together a lovely explanatory video about it. .

THE DJ TECHNIQUE APPLIED TO MENSWEAR . A Collaboration Between Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh with Matteo Gioli and Liam Maher. Progressing the tradition of menswear design from the past through the present into the future involves a process of hybridization, grafting, sampling and mixology. Like a DJ digging through classic vinyl, remixing standards from the jazz and pop musical canon, menswear designers attempt to harmonize the most potent influences from their vintage research within a single contemporary concept. Sam and Shaka of Art Comes First step into the atelier with Matteo Gioli of SuperDuper Hats and Liam Maher of Denham to cut, scratch, sample and mix vintage menswear in a demonstration of the DJ Technique Applied to Menswear. Lambert, Maidoh, Gioli and Maher will working toward a creative synthesis of sartorial and workwear influences that reflect each of their individual design obsessions. . Scratching with Sewing Needles: Each day of the event hybrid designs will evolve within a nomadic atelier. . Each day finished pieces will be styled into a focused exhibit of looks inspired by the men who progressed modern music from yesterday’s legends like Thelonious Monk to contemporary pioneers like Yasijn Bey.


Super Duper Hats
Copenhagen International Fashion Fair: CIFF 


Thursday, 15 August 2013

One Minute Wonder 38 - Shaka Maidoh

One Minute Wonder 38 - Shaka Maidoh from Present Plus on Vimeo.

Copenhagen International Fashion Fair S/S 14

CIFF Spring-Summer 2014 Copenhagen International Fashion Fair (CIFF) first emerged on the Scandinavian fashion scene in 1993. Today, CIFF is the largest fashion fair in Northern Europe with over 40,000 sqm and countless brands housed under one roof.

For the Spring/Summer 2013-2014 season, CIFF unveils a new array of services and a new structure designed to enhance the fair experience. 8th till the 11th of August 2013 will be used to discover all the latest trends and brands at CIFF, CIFF KIDS, CIFF SHOWROOMS and CIFF SHOES.


Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Crystal Hall spells success for CIFF Copenhagen

Two years of hard and dedicated work transforming CIFF Copenhagen to a new international heavyweight platform have paid off. In the past four days, CIFF has proven to be a stronger and more innovative fair with the success of Crystal Hall, the unique showcase area featuring forward-looking brands such as Comme de Garcons’ Gosha Rubchinskiy, Christopher Ræburn and Art Comes First, as well as being a more segmented show in general.

CIFF also opened the new CIFF showrooms - a 10,000-m2 newly renovated showroom area that drew an increased number of strong new international and Scandinavian brands to a degree never before seen. The unique interior design surrounding both brands and buyers, created an easy, relevant and very contemporary experience. Design & Fashion Director, Kristian W. Andersen states: “There are no short cuts or quick fixes. It’s all about hard work, patience and dedication.

The SS14 event showcased hundreds of new design-driven brands at CIFF making it the most innovative fashion-trade platform in northern Europe. But this is only the beginning. We will accelerate the pace of bringing the best brands to Copenhagen through our extensive global network and the CIFF brand” This season CIFF had people visiting from all of Europe, Asia and the US as well as international buyers from shops such as Galeries Lafayette – Beijing,, Luisaviaroma, Urban Outfitters, Liberty and Asos. The next edition of CIFF Copenhagen arrives at the end of January from the 30th of January until 2nd of February for Fall-Winter 2014-15. CIFF will open its doors to the best brands in a unique bungalow environment, perfect for jeans and streetwear and for men’s and women’s cutting-edge collections.


Crown Princess Mary's rebellious fashion week In Copenhagen

Se videoen: Mary på rebelsk modeuge |

By Michala Dieckmann Thursday 8 August 2013, 16:31

Anarchists and rebels, it is not out of necessity. It's a choice you make, and therefore it is perfectly acceptable to copy the style. How argued fashion expert Uffe Buchard as Princess Mary was invited into "anarchist-space" during fashion week.

Here she threw Thursday gloss over several Danish designers stands during his visit to the CIFF (Copenhagen International Fashion Fair) at the Bella Center.

And Crown Princess did not let that anarchists do not usually celebrates the royal family. On the contrary, she seemed thrilled with the presentation.

Follow the heels of Crown Princess Mary during the visit at the Bella Center in the video here.