Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Hypebeast: Art Comes First “The Hard Graft” Recap

Recapping on the recent “The Hard Graft” presentation by The A.C.F (Art Comes First) Revolving Collective sees a blend of vintage, workwear and sartorial menswear on display. Stemming from the method DJs use to mix beats, the project had a number of designers hybridize and blend different menswear influences to harmonious results. The event consisted of live demonstrations and an exhibition, and will continue on its tour throughout August at CIFF in Copenhagen (August 8-11) and Liberty Fair in Las Vegas (August 19-21).

Author: Alex Lendrum / Photographer: Paul Tamayo/Hypebeast
Source: http://hypebeast.com/2013/7/art-comes-first-the-hard-graft-recap

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Art Comes First – The DJ Project

Inspiration clearly flows abundantly, when it comes to this Artistic Creative Family. Fresh from their acclaimed “The Coal Project” which impressed not only at Pitti Uomo 83 but around the fashion world, the Art Comes First collective were at it again. The ACF revolving collective comprised of Shaka Maidoh, Sam Lambert (ACF), Matteo Gioli (Super Duper Hats) and Liam Maher (Denham) joined forces to produce something wonderful. This season “The DJ Project –The DJ Technique Applied to Menswear” again showed the importance of Allowing Creative Freedom within the fashion world. Inspired by various talented musical artists the ACF team spent each day sampling, cutting, remixing and sewing. Musical pioneers represented by vintage pieces were delicately deconstructed and mixed with modern day innovators with the deft touch of a skilled DJ. Just like any master of his craft that knows his crowd, these gentlemen kept the throng captivated, sampling and mixing without missing a beat. The final result was a presentation of Amazing Creative Fusion showcasing the various menswear items that had been constructed with superior skill, right before our very eyes by these inspired craftsmen.

Source: Modehunter