Monday, 12 November 2012

ACF Presents The Coal Project

ACF presents
at Pitti Uomo

Someone once said that great minds think alike, and this is all too evident in the
debut project from ACF, combining talented artists, craftsmen and creatives with the
same vision to create an installation exclusively at the iconic Pitti Uomo in Florence.

Combining the elements of artisanal creative skills with classic tools to create unique
products, the coal project is all about showcasing your creativity through the use of
utilitarian techniques. It is about the ultimate balance of creative thinking and
traditional techniques of manufacture, not mass market commercial products. The
entire project was designed around a raw mineral theme and to reflect this all of the
items involved are in a stark black colour in a variation of materials.

The Coal project is the work of 7 innovators that have come together to create ‘Pack
Essential’ the ultimate basics for any creative that finds themselves living out of a
suitcase across different parts of the world for their work. The main element of this
project was to choose essential items that are needed for the sartorial traveler that
don’t weigh a huge amount and can come in handy no matter what scenario you find
yourself in.

The Pack consists of a Handmade Leather Bag, The Ultimate Black Shirt, An Italian
Handmade Hat, Hand Crafted Glasses from Japan, Fine Cotton Socks, Leather Soled
English Made Shoes and a curated photographic poetry book. All the items come
together to fit into the leather bag for anyone to pick up and go.

Having began conceptual ideas at Pitti Uomo in June and 6 months of development,
ACF, whose values are ‘Sartour, Alchemy & Progression’ will present their project in
January within the Alternative Exhibition area over the 4 day period. On location at
the exhibition are ACF founders and business partners Sam Lambert and Shaka
Maidoh who have worked to curate the installation with artisans from across the

The collaboration partners include Super Duper Hats, Lotho Eyewear, Eton Shirts,
T-Michael and Kalaf Angelo who’s work will be displayed at the installation.

Notes to Editors
For further information, Imagery or interview requests please contact ACF by e-mail in the first
instance at 
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Aline said...

Craftsmanship and essential items.. this really appeals to me!! I hope I can come to Pitti and see your work.

Marian said...

I like collaborations and projects that thought provoke and start conversation. This does that in every sense. The genius of this concept is everything dear ACF. Right from the emphasis on the artisanal design right through to the scope of the creative partners/designers/brands you pulled together for this project.

The fact that it all can be packed, to go, in that handmade bag? delightful.


I look forward to seeing the pack.


Marian. said...

I liked Etons collaboration with Manolo. I got the shirt from (Eton store) and still get complemented.

Im still mulling over their recent James Bond style now also on sale at