Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Book Launch: New African Fashion by Helen Jennings

UK Version

US Version

Helen Jennings is the editor of ARISE, an award-winning fashion magazine with a focus on contemporary African fashion. She knows the African continent well through her many long stays there and is familiar with the African fashion scene through her participation in many local fashion events. Over the course of her journalistic activities she has published several issue-specific texts in fashion magazines such as i-D, The Face, and Time Out. She lives and works in London.


Marian said...

It was a pleasure seeing you both at the launch event.

Kudos to Helen for this book. It was time for something to tell a story that many are unfamiliar with. An Africa that births something far more than corruption, war and famine. One that births creativity that has long been inspiration to mainstream high fashion.

It was time.

Glam kisses,


Art Comes First said...

Was a pleasure to meet you also, look forward to collaborating with you sometime soon