Thursday, 7 April 2011

The Culture Club

The Culture Club was born out of a number of things.
  • Curiosity – There’s loads going on in London, but what, where and when?  Hmmmm?
  • A desire to meet new people
  • Empathy for newcomers to London (especially those from another country who,  within a week, were brainstorming the quickest and most efficient way to get back home because of A) an altercation on the Tube B) the horror of Oxford Street C) You got robbed D) All of the above)
  • The thrill of new, fun experiences. Like the ones you get in my favourite city of all time, NYC.
So  The Culture Club is a members-only social club for people who:
  • A) want  to meet genuinely cool people
  • B)  want to enjoy what the London has to offer and try out new experiences
  • C) Fancy a break from online socialising in favour of  ”real-life” socializing
It started in September 2010, and within 3 months nearly 300 people had signed up to the free membership. Best bit is, They do all the hard work for you; organising socials, meet-ups and events,  sending out invitations which go directly into your e-mail inbox, sourcing great hookups and members benefits likemoney-saving discounts, competitions, special offers, etc.

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