Monday, 21 February 2011

And The Favourite Fashion Show LFW AW 11 Goes To....

Our favourite off schedule fashion show this year.. 

A child of the jago was founded in 2007 by Simon "Barnzley" Armitage and Joseph Corre. As long standing friends they have for many years been making clothing for them selves as individuals using end of line luxury wools cashmeres and cottons. after many years of dressing up and showing off to each other they decided to open a store in the east end within walking distance of the local tailors shops. A Child Of The Jago is a child of the street. The destitute and illegitimate progeny of a hopelessly rundown environment.
In the case of Joseph Corre and Simon “Barnzley” Armitage, the street is Great Eastern and the physical environment is a former Victorian slum in East London where the alley wise hero of Arthur Morrison’s book, A Child of the Jago takes place. But the spiritual environment that has catalyzed Corre and Armitage’s enterprise is an even more threatening and sprawling slum, that of the creatively impoverished and commercially corrupt homogeny represented by the menswear status quo.
Corre and Armitage are acutely aware that the world their new child is entering will offer it no sympathy and give it no quarter. A Child of the Jago isn’t being raised to expect a warm welcome. It’s being brought up to cause trouble while it contrives to raises the bar.

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