Friday, 25 February 2011

Jimi Hendrix Plectrum Mosaic Artwork On Show

Portrait of late Jimi Hendrix, made from more than 5,000 guitar plectrums is due to show in London (Abbey Road Studios).
The mosaic by artist Ed Chapman uses plectrums by Fender (Hendrix's favourite make of guitar). 

Monday, 21 February 2011

And The Favourite Fashion Show LFW AW 11 Goes To....

Our favourite off schedule fashion show this year.. 

A child of the jago was founded in 2007 by Simon "Barnzley" Armitage and Joseph Corre. As long standing friends they have for many years been making clothing for them selves as individuals using end of line luxury wools cashmeres and cottons. after many years of dressing up and showing off to each other they decided to open a store in the east end within walking distance of the local tailors shops. A Child Of The Jago is a child of the street. The destitute and illegitimate progeny of a hopelessly rundown environment.
In the case of Joseph Corre and Simon “Barnzley” Armitage, the street is Great Eastern and the physical environment is a former Victorian slum in East London where the alley wise hero of Arthur Morrison’s book, A Child of the Jago takes place. But the spiritual environment that has catalyzed Corre and Armitage’s enterprise is an even more threatening and sprawling slum, that of the creatively impoverished and commercially corrupt homogeny represented by the menswear status quo.
Corre and Armitage are acutely aware that the world their new child is entering will offer it no sympathy and give it no quarter. A Child of the Jago isn’t being raised to expect a warm welcome. It’s being brought up to cause trouble while it contrives to raises the bar.

Saturday, 19 February 2011


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Friday 18th February 

09:00Paul CostelloeBFC Show Space   
09:30 - 13:00Preen by Thornton BregazziWC2  PN
10:00Maria GrachvogelWC2   
11:00 - 19:00Orla KielyThe Portico Rooms  PN
12:00Caroline CharlesBFC Show Space   
13:00 - 16:00SaloniW1  PN
13:15Corrie NielsenBFC Show Space  FR
13:45Irwin & JordanSW1  PN  SS
14:30Jean-Pierre BraganzaWC2   
15:30,16:30Eun JeongWC2  PN  SS
15:45Aminaka WilmontBFC Show Space   
16:45sass & bideSW1   
17:00 - 20:00The Rodnik BandWC1  PN
17:30,18:30Krystof StrozynaFashion Scout  PN  SS
17:45Felder FelderWC2   
18:30bSTOREW1  PN   
19:00Bora AksuBFC Show Space   
20:30PPQBFC Show Space   
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Saturday 19th February 



BFC Show Space
09:00 - 11:00Craig LawrenceThe Portico Rooms  NG  PN
10:00Charles AnastaseMBF   
11:00Betty JacksonBFC Show Space   
12:00Kinder AgguginiSW1   
12:30,13:30J. JS LeeThe Portico Rooms  NG  PN  SS
13:00Jaeger LondonBFC Show Space   
14:15Louise GrayOn|Off  NG
15:15John RochaBFC Show Space   
15:45,16:45J.W.Anderson WomenThe Portico Rooms  NG  PN  SS
16:15Issa LondonBFC Show Space   
17:15House of HollandMBF   
18:15Clements RibeiroWC2   
18:30 - 20:30Christopher RaeburnWC2  NG  PN  NM   
19:15Jonathan SaundersW2   
20:30Central Saint Martins MA FashionBFC Show Space   
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Sunday 20th February 
09:30Margaret HowellW1   
10:00 - 12:00Designers RemixThe Portico Rooms  PN
10:15,11:30MulberryW1  PN  SS
12:00Jasper ConranBFC Show Space   
13:00Antonio BerardiEC2   
13:30,14:30Ann-Sofie Back AteljeThe Portico Rooms  PN  SS
14:00Nicole FarhiWC2   
15:00UniqueTS Venue   
15:30 - 18:30Cooperative DesignsWC2  PN
16:00OsmanBFC Show Space   
17:00Matthew WilliamsonSW1   
18:00Vivienne Westwood Red LabelWC2   
19:00Richard NicollTS Venue   
19:15Nasir MazharTS Venue  NG
20:00Temperley LondonWC1   
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Monday 21st February 
09:00Peter PilottoTS Venue  FF
09:30,10:15Basso and BrookeThe Portico Rooms  PN  SS
09:45David KomaBFC Show Space  NG
09:45Holly FultonBFC Show Space  NG
10:45Pringle of ScotlandNW1   
11:45Christopher KaneW2   
13:00Michael van der HamTS Venue  NG
15:00Todd LynnBFC Show Space  FF
15:00 - 19:00Les ChiffoniersThe Portico Rooms  PN
16:00Burberry ProrsumSW7   
17:00Paul SmithWC2   
18:00Mark FastBFC Show Space   
20:30Julien MacdonaldW1   
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Tuesday 22nd February 

09:30 - 12:30Christian BlankenThe Portico Rooms  PN
09:45Mary KatrantzouTS Venue  NG
10:00 - 17:30Anya HindmarchWC2  PN
10:45Marios SchwabWC2   
11:00 - 14:00MariaFrancescaPepeFashion Scout  PN
12:45Roksanda IlincicSW1   
13:45Meadham KirchhoffTS Venue  FF
14:45Emilio de la MorenaBFC Show Space   
15:00 - 19:00Tata-NakaThe Portico Rooms  PN
15:15 - 18:30BodyAmrFashion Scout  PN
15:45Fashion EastTS Venue   
16:45Amanda WakeleyBFC Show Space   
18:45AshishBFC Show Space   
20:00Alfred DunhillW1   
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Wednesday 23 February 

09:00J.W.AndersonBFC Show Space  NM   
10:15Topman DesignTM Venue   
10:30 - 12:00SiblingThe Portico Rooms  PN  NM   
11:00Christopher ShannonBFC Show Space  NM   
11:00 - 14:00Mr StartWC2  PN   
11:45Omar KashouraNavy Board Rooms  PN  NM   
12:30MANTM Venue   
13:00 - 17:00NEWGEN MEN & Fashion East Men InstallationsTerrace Rooms  PN  NM   
13:15James LongBFC Show Space  NM   
13:30 - 15:30HoraceWC2  PN   
13:45E. TautzTM Venue  PN  SS   
14:15Katie EaryThe Portico Rooms  PN  NM   
14:45Lou DaltonTM Venue  PN  SS  NM   
15:00 - 18:00Bally & Central Saint Martins Collaboration 2011W1  PN   
15:15Cassette PlayaBFC Show Space   
16:15Tim SoarNavy Board Rooms  PN  SS   
17:00KTZBFC Show Space   
17:30Oliver SpencerW1  PN  SS   
18:30Hardy AmiesW1  PN  SS   
18:30 - 21:30RakeW1  PN   
20:00TweenBFC Show Space